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Uninsured Services Fee List

There are a number of services that physicians provide that are not covered by Alberta Health Care. It is a standard of practice in Alberta to charge for these uninsured services to ensure physicians are compensated for the significant amount of time spent providing these services that are not covered by your health care. The prices are based on suggestions from the Alberta Medical Association.

Missed appointments

                   New consultation                                                                                                 $300

                   Follow-up appointment (15 min)                                                                     $100

                   Follow-up appointment (30 min)                                                                    $150

Forms and Letters:

                   FSCD letter                                                                                                            $75

                   Letter of Diagnosis                                                                                               $50

                  Disability Tax credit                                                                                               $100

                  Medical form request from third party                                                             $50

                  Physical exam request from third party                                                           $100

                  Blue Cross Special Authorization Form                                                            $50

                  Adoption Medical Report                                                                                    $100

Note: All fees for forms and letters are considered minimum. You may be charged more if the form is complex or requires a lot of time. If the fee varies from above, you will be notified of the fee before the service is completed. 


                  Replacement standard prescription                                                                 $30

                  Replacement triplicate prescription                                                                 $40

Note: We do not refill prescriptions over the phone or by fax request from the pharmacy as with many of the medications we prescribe, it is important to see your child in follow-up.

Medical Record:

                  USB Medical File Transfer                                                                                   $40

                  USB key                                                                                                                  $10


                  Printing or photocopying                                                                                   $1/page

                  Mailing Fee                                                                                                            $2

This is not a comprehensive list of services. For other uninsured services that your physician provides, you will be notified of the fee in advance.

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