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New Born/Premature Babies

After discharge from the hospital, we will want to see your newborn in our clinic within two days. Please call to schedule the appointment as soon as possible after your baby is born.

Sick Child

Our clinic visits are by referral. Please contact your family physicians office prior to attending the clinic. Patients who do not have a referral may initially be assessed by a physician in the general Walk-In Clinic section of our MacEwan Medical Clinic at the same site. Referral onwards to our Pediatric specialists will be made if appropriate.

Neurodevelopmental pediatrics

Neurodevelopmental paediatrics is a developing field that addresses complex aspects of central nervous system (CNS) development in children. This also includes physical aspects consequent to CNS damage and functional impairment. Neurodevelopmental "disorders" are characterized according to developmental deficits or delays that usually show up early in a child’s development, many times before the child enters elementary school, and can persist throughout the individual’s lifetime. These brain functioning challenges can affect a person’s emotions, behaviors, memory, attention, ability to learn, ability to socialize, and ability to maintain self-control. 

Your child’s primary pediatrician is able to provide mental/behavioral health care, as well as prescribe and monitor medications, as needed. As part of their preventative care, screening for mental health and behavioral/ school performance problems will be done to monitor your child’s overall well-being.

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